Just one of the neighbor kids.
(See Bear viewing page)
Nesters !!!!
Both Horned and Tufted puffins are seen on land, only
during the summer while they nest. They only have one egg per year.
Russians called Puffins the Clowns of the sea. Not very graceful, but fun to watch.
Flying Tufted Puffin.
One of our many Foxy ladies.
Wild Life is abundant on Kodiak Island and we are not just talking about the animals either! (smile)
Lots of Kodiak Characters, we call them.

One of the local families dining out.

Great seafood!
One of our Fin Whales - Finning around.
Orcas, Humpback and Gray Whales are also a
common sight around Kodiak Island.
These are my own photos taken over the years. I hope you enjoy them.
Our Russian Heritage is a very strong presence on the Island. Russians settled the present site on Kodiak over 200 years ago in 1792. making it the first European settlement in Alaska.
Beach party! - Sea Lions at their rookery.
Only the Sea Lions could enjoy playing in these waters.
Life threatening for humans, at just a few degrees above freezing, even in the summer.
State Ferry - Tustumena - Comes from Homer  almost daily during the summer. Although, May through Oct. "TRUSTY TUSTY" runs all the way to Dutch Harbor, out on the Aleutian Chain once a month.
Immature Bald Eagle, looking for a snack. Bald Eagles don't get their white heads until their 5th year, when they mate for life.
View from the bridge.
Kodiak is the largest fishing port in Alaska. The bridge connects Near Island to Kodiak.The Fisheries Research Center is located on Near Island as well as
Saint Herman's Boat Harbor.
View from the top of Pillar MT.,over looking Kodiak Harbor.
Almost any where you look, there's a scenic view on Kodiak .

Eagles nest!
Used only for eggs & eaglets.
Eggs hatch 1st week of June. Eaglets leave the nest by 1st week of Sept.
Not even cute when they are in the nest!
This was shot in July. They keep both parents busy feeding them. Female lays 2 to 3 eggs 1st of May.
My favorite Monk.
Father Iosheph, with the Russian Orthodox Church, has a great sense of humor.
Coast Guard Cutter, stationed at Kodiak. The largest U.S. Coast Guard base in the world. It also has an Air Station and is the Support Center.for Alaskan waters.
"The Neighborhood"
Newest ocean going ferry in the State Ferry System is the
Kennicott . She will be covering Kodiak when the Tustumena heads out to the Aleutian Chain..Kennicott starts cross gulf service in May this year. See state ferry page for more information.