OK, this was an unusually close encounter. I got some great shots though.
And of course I was using a telephoto lens.
Fishing !
Very cute !

I took these pictures, over the years, on the 4 hr bear viewing trips by float plane. The cost is $550. per person. These sensational trips are the most popular tours on the island.
The bears move around with the different salmon runs during the summer. The pilots keep an eye on their movements, so they know where to take you for the best bear viewing experience. You will land in a lake or bay to view the bears. Sometimes there is a short hike involved with the pilot as your guide.
I strongly recommend that you arrange to stay on Kodiak for a couple of days as our weather is unpredictable. If you don't make it out to see the bears the first day, you have another day to play with.
We are  a coastal community, so we will have rain & fog days.
There may be a shortage of planes this summer. My advice is to book early.

     I would be happy to arrange bear viewing trips for you.

This year there is a 5 hour trip available for $650. with a stop at a glacier lake.  These will go fast, so you will probably want to book early. 
There is one company with one plane that has $525.00,  5 hour bear views. They are very limited.

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AAA Kodiak Tour Company

I can help you get set up on a Bear Viewing trip of a lifetime.

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